We provide complete architectural services, starting from planning, mapping, design to the completion of the whole building.


Studio90 : Commercial projects

For us, architecture is a passion, a vocation and a calling for us to make something unique and futuristic for the upcoming generation and the current ones. We believe architecture should be a social art and also an artful science, and Studio90 is making more efforts to work on the quality of designs. For us, each architectural project in the words of “Marcus Vitruvius”, can be termed as “firmness, commodity and delight.

Area: 200,000 sq. ft


The decision to make a home for yourself is one in a life time event, and we think every individual should have a unique concept of their space in their mind


Studio90 : Villas Construction

Once you get a land for your space, and plan to build your home in a form or villa or a classic residence, there is a journey to make the piece of concrete into a living dream. In the same journey, everyone have their own concept and cool ideas to make their home unique, starting with the place to relax, family entertainment and so on. However, choosing your dream design house reflects your persona-including the choice of color, the lights and patterns. With Studio90, you can easily and conveniently build a home that exactly reflects your idol place to be.

Areas: 100,000 sq.Ft


A unique ideas for your bathroom is to be half opened to help get fresh air, rain and sunlight. Another great idea is adding plants to your bathroom and make it look more fresh.


Studio90 : Interior Design Projects

If architectural design and construction is the heart and body of a house, then interior is the soul for it to become a home. Between layout choices and decorative details, a crucial creative step to a perfect aesthetically sounding area is the right selection of tiles. As functionally, the tiles should look lively and add to the space. For your assistance, we collect some of the unique and updated tiling for the bathrooms to inspire your idea of transformation.

Area: 3000 sq.Ft


We provide complete solutions for a perfect housing with a 90 degree cutting edge designing methods by our top architects.